Quality policy

Baltic Engineering

The Board of Directors of Baltic Engineering through its activities shall aim at full satisfaction of its clients by assurance of the top quality for its services to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

Each employee of our company is assigned the most essential tasks aimed at attaining the superior quality level for the provision of services in repairs and rebuilding.

The Board of Directors of Baltic Engineering believes that the company has to meet the requirements and expectations of the most requesting clients to effectively compete with other enterprises. Owing such attitude we earn confidence amongst the clients and strengthen the position of our company on the market. Each client enjoying the services provided by Baltic Engineering is handled in an efficient full and competent manner.

In connection with the function of the Quality Management System corresponding to the PN–EN ISO 9001:2015 and AQAP 2110-2016 standards, and considering mainly the meeting of the our clients’ expectations to a maximum degree, we have identified the following objectives which we will consistently seek to attain:

  • sustained development of our company and strengthening of our position on the market by increasing the number of clients and derived income as well as optimisation of employment level,
  • involvement of all our employees in attaining the quality goals,
  • upgrading the quality of our services and reducing the number of complaints,
  • continuous improvement of the quality management system.


The quality objectives shall be attained by:

  • monitoring the meeting of our clients’ requirements and expectations,
  • motivating our employees and partners to identify themselves with the company and to reliably perform their tasks and duties,
  • carrying out the repair and rebuilding work based on the global and proven technologies using a reliable measuring equipment,
  • training our employees in implemented quality management system and professional improvement,
  • conducting internal audits and management reviews to confirm the correct function and improvement of the quality management system,
  • activities in accordance with the Act concerning the business activity in manufacture and trading in explosives,
  • ammunition as well as products and technology for military or police needs.