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Baltic Engineering

company profile

Baltic Engineering has been carrying out repairs to vessels for domestic and foreign owners since 1992. Our services are provided for ships during their stay in domestic ports and shipyards as well as in other countries abroad and during the sea voyages. Baltic Engineering is able to repair practically all marine machinery and equipment and using its shore-based facilities in its workshop can repair any equipment dismountable from vessels, i.e. pumps, compressors, turbochargers, medium-size diesel engines.


Backgorund information

The BALTIC ENGINEERING Repair Techniques Company started its service activity in October 1992. At the first stage of development the Company was providing services in repair to machine and equipment parts using the Chester Molecular chemically set agents. At that time the market requirement was to quickly extend the range of repair technologies by using welding repair techniques based on the Castolin equipment and products, and our company met this requirement and extended the scope of the services offered to clients.

goals to be achieved

  • Testing and improving the quality of the services provided for customers and reducing the number of complaints
  • Optimization, and not maximization of profit
  • Continuous company development and strengthening of position on the market in our region among the entities providing their services both in repairs and restoration
  • High productivity both employees, materials, equipment and energy or funds
  • Efficient actions consisting in timely and appropriate identification and satisfaction of any customer’s needs

Quality policy

The Board of Directors of Baltic Engineering through its activities shall aim at full satisfaction of its clients by assurance of the top quality for its services to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

Each employee of our company is assigned the most essential tasks aimed at attaining the superior quality level for the provision of services in repairs and rebuilding.