Reconditioning service

Baltic Engineering

The reconditioning service is the original and oldest activity of Baltic Engineering. This service consists in restoration of the original shape, functionality or any physical and mechanical properties for various machine elements when worn or destroyed.

Considering the technological progress the reconditioning service is still developed and modified to meet the existing market needs. The reconditioning work of machine and equipment parts is based on two main technologies:

  • chemically-set materials based on Chester Molecular products are used to:
    • restore the defects (losses) and repair the cracks of any bodies, covers and cases, impellers, shafts, propellers, hydraulic servomotor rods, hoists, etc.
    • preventive abrasion-resistant, anticavitation coating on surfaces exposed to abrasion and cavitation, practically in all known media,
  • welding methods, mainly based on Castolin™ products are use to repair elements made from various materials (non-ferrous metals and their alloys and stainless steel) using the electrical and gas welding technologies, surfacing by welding and spraying as well as inert gas arc welding.

Baltic Engineering will investigate and make every effort to solve each, even most difficult client’s problem related to our profile of activity.