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Baltic Engineering

The BALTIC ENGINEERING Repair Techniques Company started its service activity in October 1992. At the first stage of development the Company was providing services in repair to machine and equipment parts using the Chester Molecular chemically set agents. At that time the market requirement was to quickly extend the range of repair technologies by using welding repair techniques based on the Castolin equipment and products, and our company met this requirement and extended the scope of the services offered to clients.

In order to meet the expectations of its partners, Baltic Engineering has extended its offer since 1995 by provision of complete services in repair to floating craft, industrial plants as well as to machines and equipment both for maritime market and shore-based companies. When the activity was started in our own plants in 1997 the existing company structure and profile has finally crystallized. It allows us to efficiently carry our large repairs to ships, vessels and industrial plants, at the same time the reconditioning activity is still maintained.

Our floating dock purchased in 2012 enables us to provide complete and comprehensive services for small craft.

Out of concern for a clients’ comfort and high position on the market, Baltic Engineering regularly upgrades the level of its activities and obtains certificates proving the high quality of its services: ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, AQAP 2010:2009 Certificate, Approval Certificates issued by the Polish Register of Shipping, authorization of the Chester Molecular™ manufacturer,  authorization of ZM "WOLA" and other.