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Baltic Engineering

Baltic Engineering has been carrying out repairs to vessels for domestic and foreign owners since 1992. Our services are provided for ships during their stay in domestic ports and shipyards as well as in other countries abroad and during the sea voyages. Baltic Engineering is able to repair practically all marine machinery and equipment and using its shore-based facilities in its workshop can repair any equipment dismountable from vessels, i.e. pumps, compressors, turbochargers, medium-size diesel engines.

Baltic Engineering has available its own floating dock since 2012 and it is berthed at the Drewnica quay in Gdańsk having the following parameters:

  • overall length: 68 m
  • inside breadth: 11.9 m
  • deadweight: 1 200 T
  • dock cranes: 4 x 1.00 T

Moreover, Baltic Engineering often accepts other organizational form of repairs to ships and is acting as subcontractor for larger business entities which are involved in similar projects. Listed below is an offer of equipment that is most often repaired by Baltic Engineering. At the same time our company is provided with the Polish Register of Shipping Approval Certificate No. TM/524/842502/96 (periodically renewed) for the repair of such equipment: and having such certificate is treated as an universal recommendation of high quality and professionalism:

  • full diagnostics of marine diesel engines and auxiliaries including the test bench under load of water brake
  • repairs to main and auxiliary marine engines
  • static and dynamic balancing of rotating elements on the own balancers
  • repairs to reduction gears
  • repairs to water, lubricating oil and fuel pumps
  • repairs to lubricating oil and fuel separators
  • repairs to air compressors and turbochargers
  • repairs to electrically-driven windlasses, mooring winches, towing winches
  • repairs to steam boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • repairs to pipeline systems.

When enjoying services of our proven partners and subcontractors the Baltic Engineering offer includes also the ship repair-related work such as electrical and automation work, hull, fitter’s and outfitting work.
Baltic Engineering is also provided with the manufacture’s authorization to place engines, machinery and equipment on foundations on Chester EVY two-component epoxy compound pads.

BALTIC ENGINEERING is also an authorized representative of ZM "WOLA" in the scope of repairs propulsion motors,generators and gear boxes.

Owing to high qualifications, experience and reliability of our employees the ship owners successfully enjoy the services of our so-called “Flying brigades” for ships during the voyage and operation at sea.