Maritime service

  The Maritime Service is the most essential and most dynamically developing segment of services provided by Baltic Engineering.


Our clients are the Polish and foreign shipowners as well as ship repairing yards and harbours.




The scope of our services is as follows:

  • Complete repairs to vessels including also docking of craft,
  • Full diagnostics of marine diesel engines and auxiliaries including the test bench under load of water brake
  • Repairs to marine propulsion plants including equipment such as: 
    - main and auxiliary marine diesel engines
    - reduction gearboxes
    - water, oil and fuel pumps
    - oil and fuel separators
    - air compressors and refrigeration compressors
    - turbochargers
    - steam boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchangers
    - marine pipeline systems of any type and purpose.
  • Placing of engines, machinery and equipment on foundations on Chester EVY two-component epoxy compound,
  • Static and dynamic balancing of rotating elements on the own balancers

BALTIC ENGINEERING is also an authorized representative of ZM "WOLA" in the scope of repairs propulsion motors, generators and gear boxes.
Baltic Engineering performs the work not only on its own floating dock, in local harbours or in its own workshop but also has available its own staff capable of carrying repairs during operation of vessels at sea in the form of so-called “flying brigades” practically in each European port.

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